Voes & Donkers

Innovative capability, combined with cost-efficient production: that is our strength.

Voets & Donkers is specialised in the development, production and installation of industrial refrigeration and air control systems. Our strength lies in combining innovative capability with cost-efficient production: we have the knowledge to contribute ideas, to help you design and the ability to produce your products at low cost. Whatever our assignment is, we always offer high quality solutions to match your objectives.

Our expertise covers the full range of industrial cooling- and refrigeration and air treatment matters. We are specialized in the fields of cheese ripening, food processing, high care, cleanrooms and air conditioning. We can be of service whenever a controlled environment needs to be created. Whatever the size of the assignment, we will address the challenge with fun, expertise and professionalism. We do not hesitate to develop entirely new techniques and solutions. The techniques we have developed throughout the years are still successfully used for our clients each day.

A pleasant business partner

Voets & Donkers has been active in this field since 1963 and has built up its expertise and experience through the years. Perhaps even more important than our expertise might be the way we do business. We believe in an honest, open and pleasant communication and always aim to establish a long-term relationship with you. Since we take care of the complete process from development to installation, you will be doing business with only one party, who is responsible for the entire project.

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