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Environmentally friendly refrigeration unit

26 May, 2015

For the ND Logistics project in Nieuwegein, Voets & Donkers facilitates the entire refrigeration unit that has to maintain the building temperature between 0 and 2 degrees Celsius. Marc Voets, DGA at Voets & Donkers Koeltechniek says: “The challenge mainly lies in the large number of air coolers that has to be placed while the space available is limited due to the required stacking height. We need to be well prepared. ”Together with Pleijsier Bouw, van Dalen installatietechniek, Kemkens Brandbeveiliging and ND Logistics we worked out the total project in detail. “We can look back on a very pleasant preparation phase and now, during the implementation, our detailed design bears fruit. ”The client asked us to place an environmentally friendly refrigeration unit containing a maximum of 1500 kg of ammonia. “For this reason, we chose an indirect system with Temper being the refrigerant. In combination with the energy-efficient, natural refrigerant ammonia, that has a GWP (Global Warming Potential) of 0, EU regulations will be easily met.”

Family business Voets & Donkers Koeltechniek was established in 1963 and distinguishes itself by their in-house manufacturing and development of components. “It allows us to quickly respond to the needs of our clients,” says Voets.

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