Modest systems against competitive prices or highly advanced and innovative projects: Voets & Donkers always offers the right so

From simple to advanced and innovative: Voets & Donkers will always offer a cooling or refrigeration installations that fits your needs and technical demands. Small scale business or multinational, multi-million projects or a limited budget, together we will see how Voets & Donkers can be of service. The quality, durability and reliability of the systems are central to the process.

Deep freeze and cold storage

Voets & Donkers offers deep freeze and cold storage rooms with a temperature up to -40°C. We adapt to your situation. Do you need to store your product free from moisture or do you wish to protect it from dehydration? Our cold storage rooms have a specific, stable temperature and humidity level that guarantee optimal performance of your room even under the most extreme circumstances.

Temperature registration and hot gas defrosting techniques will also limit temperature fluctuations, result in a higher efficiency level and prevent electrical elements from overheating. Besides air cooling, we are able to deliver water-cooled cold rooms as well, of course depending on your situation and technical demands. We also offer the possibility to let us build your cold storage room beforehand in our factory and deliver it nearly operational. In addition to deep freeze and cold storage, we also have extensive expertise in supporting software, electrical engineering and temperature monitoring sensors.

Freezer doors

In order to access cooled areas without disturbing the temperature, Voets & Donkers B.V. supplies customed freezer doors with high insulation value. They can be accustomed to every possible size and are characterised by their long lifetime.

Our airflow cooling concept

Voets & Donkers has invented and developed its own airflow concept which has been successfully implemented in the horticultural industry for many years now. This airflow cooling technique is ideal for products that need accelerated cooling before they can be properly stored. Enormous volumes of heat can be extracted in a short time period by using a suction wall to circulate cool air through the room and force it to flow down the pallets.

This cooling method allows your products to be less seasonally constrained which will enable you to better anticipate the end-users’ needs. It even allows you to store perishable products for many months with minimal loss of quality.

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