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High-quality solutions in cooling technology and air treatment

Voets & Donkers specialises in the development, production and installation of refrigeration and air treatment systems. Our strength lies in the combination of innovative capacity and cost-efficient production: we have the knowledge to think and design with you, and the ability to produce your product for you at low cost. Whatever we do for you, we always offer a high-quality solution that fits your objectives.

Our area of expertise covers the full breadth of industrial refrigeration, freezing and air treatment, specialising in cheese maturation, food processing, high care, clean rooms and air conditioning. Wherever you want to create an environment with controlled air conditions, we can be of service. Whether you give us a large or small assignment, we take on every challenge with pleasure, expertise and professionalism. We do not shy away from developing completely new techniques and applications. Techniques that we have developed ourselves over the year, we still use successfully for our customers every day.

Pleasant business

Voets & Donkers has been active in the field since 1963 and has built up extensive experience and expertise over the years. Perhaps more important than our knowledge is our way of doing business. We like to build a long-term relationship with you, by dealing with you in an honest, clear and pleasant way. Because we develop as well as produce and install, you do business with a single party, who bears full responsibility throughout the entire process.

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Techniek Toekomst Magazine

Voets en Donkers

A great article about Voets & Donkers in the Techniek Toekomst Magazine. This magazine underlines the importance of technical education and good professionals for technical companies. The magazine surprises and inspires! Are you curious about our article?

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Ready fot the 'next generation'

Voets & Donkers

At industrial estate Groote Wetering in Bodegraven, a lot of effort is being put into the expansion of Vergeer Holland. In addition to the renowned cheese supplier’s existing distribution centre, a 22 metre high building will be constructed for the maturing and storage of cheese.

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Top sport mentality

Voets & Donkers - Peter Donkers

If Marc wants to go right, Peter first wishes to examine the route map. Does Peter want to rethink an idea and discuss the pros and cons? Then Marc is already convinced. “It has been going so well all these years, because we think in different ways”, Peter tells. “Marc is rather impulsive, while I am more of a calculating type. This combination has proved to be successful.”

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The growth of ‘our’ Luc

Voets & Donkers - De groei van onze Luc - Header

I already knew him when he was a little boy and befriended my son. I saw him grow up, and leave primary school via VMBO to go to the Koning Willem I College in Den Bosch. He didn’t really know what he wanted, but at least it had to be something with his hands. Something with engineering. Something with installation or electronics. That’s how he ended up in the Installation Engineering programme. And how about an internship with us?

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