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Blue and green make red

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Blue and green make red

A vision that you can see in the colours on our buses

Blue and green make red

They drove (and drive) our company buses with this print since the ’90s. And so we thought it was time for something new. A look that is more contemporary, but above all, a look that does more justice to our vision and business philosophy. That’s why we hired an agency that could help us with this. In consultation with us, they did have some ideas. And that’s how the ball started rolling.

It really is quite a change. Our buses first depicted a boy who drew our logo with his finger on a cold surface. Now, our buses are lettered with blocks. Blocks in different colours. They start out in the blue of our corporate style, and then take on the colour red via green. Cause blue and green make red, right? They do in our view, anyway. The blue represents the refrigeration technology we develop. The green represents the natural refrigerants we use (such as ammonia, CO2 and propane) and the sustainable vision we apply. And that brings us to the red. Because we generate cold, the extracted heat can be used elsewhere. A very sustainable idea!

But how does that work? Generating cold has everything to do with extracting heat. In the past, this heat was often channelled outside. But of course, it is much more sustainable to use that heat for heating offices, for example, or for heating needed in production processes. So really, our refrigeration system actually functions like a giant heat pump. This way, we create a win-win-win situation: we supply cold, we supply heat and we ensure substantial energy savings. And that, in turn, benefits the environment and our clients’ wallets. That’s why in all our projects (where relevant) we try to make a strong case today to use the extracted heat in a useful way. A vision that you can see in the colours on our buses.

By now, two of our buses and our truck are lettered in the new style. More will follow soon. Moreover, we will of course also implement this new style on our website and in other means of communication. Should you come across the blocks somewhere soon, then you now know that they are not just chosen as a good look. But that we developed them from a clear vision: blue and green make red!

Marc Voets

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Sustainability is very important in our society today. We ‘have to’ get rid of the gas, and we also try to limit our use of electricity as much as possible. At Voets & Donkers, our installations contribute to sustainability in three ways: we use natural refrigerants, we develop energy-efficient installations and we make heat recovery possible.

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