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Customisation for Friesland Campina

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Customisation for Friesland Campina

Solutions for small, conditioned dairy research areas

Friesland Campina’s new research centre will house so-called test cells: small, conditioned rooms for dairy-related research. These are, for example, ripening cells for cheese, but also cold stores, climate chambers and freezer cells. Voets en Donkers B.V. builds these test cells and installs the systems for air treatment and cooling technology.

Voets en Donkers B.V. has been specialised in the development, production and assembly of cooling technology and air treatment systems for almost fifty years. On behalf of specialist companies in the food processing industry, horticulture and high-tech sector, the company from Schijndel installs complete systems for conditioning and/or keeping air sterile.

Integrated system

‘The requirements for air conditioning are becoming stricter and stricter’, says director Peter Donkers. ‘Especially in the food processing industry, nothing is left to chance anymore. We respond to this adequately and help you think about tailor-made solutions at an early stage. This is also the case at the Friesland-Campina research centre. About two years ago, we were approached to come up with a design for all the test cells. Within a project team, we optimised the design into a high-quality, well-functioning system.’

In June, Voets en Donkers B.V. started building the test cells. Donkers: ‘All test cells, located on different departments and floors, will be integrated into one system. The challenge is to meet the specific wishes of all users within that system.’ It is expected that the test cells will be delivered in early 2013.

Voets & Donkers - Friesland Campina
Voets & Donkers - Friesland Campina
Voets & Donkers