Operating principles

From engineering to production, installation, software-development, service and maintenance.

Voets & Donkers offers a complete range of service. From engineering to production, installation, software-development, service and maintenance: we will be more than happy to arrange it for you. Based on your wishes and acting in close consultation with you we will develop a technical solution, create a 3D-design and take care of the realisation of your design. This brings many benefits to our client: you will work with one contact person from start to finish. You can confidently leave the responsibility of the project to us. We offer high quality solutions that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.


Voets & Donkers embraces LEAN principles: this means we focus on adding value to all of our processes and strive to eliminate process waste. We improve our processes by limiting unnecessary costs as much as possible and we always take your needs and wishes as our starting point. We will not offer unnecessary expensive techniques, nor believe in extensive service contracts or paperwork. Instead, we offer to-the-point action and a hands-on attitude. Our strategy is based on short lines of communication; we make a point of being approachable to our clients and will, if wished for, consult our (chain) partners frequently. This approach leads to better results and cost reduction for both you and us. A good example of the way we work is how we reduce installation time as much as possible to prevent any unnecessary delay to our clients’ business processes. We already prepare as much as possible in the factory, including the assembly. This means that the products will arrive at your premises largely ready to use and so the least possible time is lost.

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