Complete approach

High -care areas for the food processing industry


Voets & Donkers designs, develops and manufactures air handling systems

Synthetic air handling systems

High care

Professional project teams work in-house on the engineering, work preparation and realisation of your high care installation.

In an environment where foodstuffs are cut, handled and wrapped it is of the utmost importance that the surroundings meet carefully defined conditions. Voets & Donkers is specialised in creating a clean, conditioned environment where contamination risk is minimised, and shelf life can be maximised.

There are many names for areas where food is handled, terms as ‘restricted area’ (RA),
‘cleanroom’ of ‘production area’. At Voets & Donkers we call food processing under controlled conditions ‘high care processing’. Besides high care-processing we also offer cleanroom installations for the pharmaceutical and high-tech industry.

Our approach

Voets & Donkers offers a complete approach for realisation of high -care areas for the food processing industry. Professional project teams work in-house on the entire engineering, work preparation and realisation of your high care installation, if desired including the built of the high –care area itself (insulation-prefabrication). All our installations comply with the statutory (European) guidelines. We combine specialised, advanced know-how with an efficient, practical approach.


Voets & Donkers designs, develops and manufactures air handling systems that realise a clean and fully controlled area. Our systems ensure that filtered, conditioned air is transported into the area. Besides that, overpressure is created in the area to prevent outside air from flowing in. Detection systems carefully monitor the conditions in the high care-area to guarantee an optimum standard, which is important both for the production process as well as the people working in the area. Among other things, we carefully monitor the temperature, air flow, filtration (fine filtering and HEPA), CO2 concentration, ventilation, humidity and ionisation. Ionisation and UV radiance are examples of methods we use to filter out micro-organisms for ultra- clean results.

Control and visualisation

Smart and user-friendly software controls your installation. The software is easy to adjust, you can choose to do this yourself or let us do it for you. Your installation will run smoothly and against the lowest possible maintenance- and energy costs. Furthermore, the software will clearly outline all process information needed to keep you in control of your processes. Detailed information (reports) concerning the circumstances in the area at a particular point can be easily obtained, in real time as well as in retrospect.

Synthetic air handling systems

Depending on your wishes and circumstances, Voets & Donkers installs both hygienic cooling units as well as synthetic air handling systems, if necessary including filtering options. Both systems have advantages and disadvantages. For example, our synthetic air treatment systems are easy to clean: hygienic and without any chance of corrosion. We will gladly inform you about the possibilities based on your specific situation.