Cheese ripening

Carefully develops air handling systems

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Realisation of aeration systems for cheese ripening

Sustainable cooling

Sustainable, environmentally friendly solutions

Cheese ripening

Voets & Donkers carefully develops air handling systems that create the perfect conditions for cheese ripening

Since the 1980s Voets & Donkers has been engaged in creating the perfect conditions for cheese ripening, which is why we claim to be experts in the field. We are specialised in air handling techniques used during the ripening process: we develop installations that carefully and with great precision, extract moisture from the pickled cheeses. And all our solutions are, of course, always exactly tailored to your situation, wishes and requirements.

Our approach

Voets & Donkers offers a complete approach to realisation of aeration systems for cheese ripening. Professional project teams work in-house on the engineering, preparation and realisation of your installation. Our installations meet all necessary (EU) legal requirements.

Air distribution systems

The appropriate distribution system for your cheese ripening process depends on a number of factors including the age of the cheese and your storage system. Voets & Donkers will identify and map all these relevant factors and will advise you on the best suitable air distribution system. We offer a wide range of air distribution systems for cheese ripening, including PVC aeration tubes, ventilation foil, high induction nozzles, an over- or under pressure plenum and plastic air transport systems. We will offer a suitable solution for every situation.

HR-dehumidification system

Throughout the years Voets & Donkers has been constantly adapting its techniques to changing demands and new market developments. Our strong will to innovate and improve led to an ongoing search for ways to make the air handling process more and more efficient. We reached a new stage in 2003 when we introduced a HR- dehumidification installation. This installation generates considerable energy savings. The HR - dehumidification installation closes the energy loop by recycling the used cold during the humidification process. Compared to conventional systems, our dehumidification method requires 40% less cooling capacity.

Sustainable cooling, the best solution

Our working methods are based on sustainable, environmentally friendly solutions. We mostly work with natural (non-chemical) refrigerants. When working on complex installation projects we limit the use of refrigerants by generating cold at one central point and subsequently distributing it through the entire installation by means of a secondary refrigerant. We also use innovative, energy-efficient ventilators and the newest, pioneering technologies such as Low Charge Ammonia Systems by Stefan Jensen. Building energy-efficient installations not only provides environmental benefits, it also ensures substantial energy savings.

Control / visualisation

Smart and user-friendly software controls your installation. The software is easy to adjust, so you can choose to do this yourself or let us do it for you. Your installation will run smoothly and against the lowest possible maintenance- and energy costs. Furthermore, the software provides a clear insight into refrigeration process information thus allowing you to maintain complete control over your processes. Besides realising new installations with accompanying control technology, we can also take on the replacement of the control software of your existing installations. We can often do this without even interrupting your installation. Replacement of the control software can deliver savings of no less than 20%.


At your request Voets & Donkers can read and monitor your installation remotely. This allows us to react proactively and makes it possible to intervene before any calamity occurs. This not only prevents malfunctions, it also ensures a longer service life and it is cost and energy efficient.

Filtering and Ionisation

A Voets & Donkers air conditioning system secures constant ripening conditions in your cheese storage area. For example, a constant temperature of 13°C with a 85% humidity rate. This high air humidity ensures ideal ripening conditions but also increases mold growth. The Voets & Donkers air conditioning systems will keep these processes under control. Voets & Donkers filters the air to prevent air handling units and supply channels from becoming a breeding ground for mold. This ongoing filtering process cleans the air and collects mold spores. As an addition to filtering, we also use air ionisation to further clean the air and kill micro-organisms such as mold spores.