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Natural refrigerants

Sustainable cooling

Cooling technology

A comprehensive approach to implementation of industrial cooling and refrigeration installations.

Complete range of service

Voets & Donkers offers a comprehensive approach to implementation of industrial cooling and refrigeration installations, ranging from relatively simple to very complex solutions. Professional project teams work in-house on the engineering, preparation and realisation of your installation. Our installations meet all necessary (EU) legal requirements.

Sustainable cooling, the best solution

Our working methods are based on sustainable, environmentally friendly solutions. We mostly work with natural (non-chemical) refrigerants. When working on complex installation projects we limit the use of refrigerants by generating cold at one central point and subsequently distributing it through the entire installation by means of a secondary refrigerant. We also use innovative, energy-efficient ventilators and the newest, pioneering technologies such as Low Charge Ammonia Systems by Stefan Jensen. Building energy-efficient installations not only provides environmental benefits, it also ensures substantial cost savings.

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Process optimisation

We minimise mistakes and ensure an efficient installation by developing a 3D design of your installation. This design helps to identify potential conflicts with other existing facilities in the building and it will solve problems at an early stage. We prepare our projects as much as possible in our factory to limit the works on site.

Control / visualisation

Smart and user-friendly software controls your installation. The software is easy to adjust, you can choose to do this yourself or let us do it for you. Your installation will run smoothly and against the lowest possible maintenance- and energy costs. Furthermore, the software gives a clear insight into refrigeration process information allowing you to maintain complete control over your processes. Besides realising new installations with accompanying control technology, we can also take on the replacement of control software of your existing installations. We can often do this without even interrupting your installation. Replacement of the control software can deliver savings of no less than 20%.


At your request Voets & Donkers can read and monitor your installation remotely. This allows us to react proactively and makes it possible to intervene before any calamity occurs. This not only prevents malfunctions, it also ensures a longer service life and it is cost and energy efficient.

Sustainable cooling technologies using natural refrigerants

Voets & Donkers uses various natural refrigerants, such as ammonia (NH3) carbon dioxide (CO2) and propane. Furthermore, if desired or if circumstances demand, we can limit the use of refrigerants as much as possible. We do this by generating cold with a natural refrigerant at one central point and subsequently distributing it through the entire installation by means of a cooling agent with good viscose (thermal conductivity) qualities. In these cases, we often use temper as refrigerant.

Realisation under BREEAM conditions

Voets & Donkers works according to the BREEAM standard. This is an internationally recognized certification and measuring and evaluation tool regarding (among other aspects) the sustainability of new and existing buildings. BREEAM provides insight into the sustainability score using clear reporting and certification. This will enable you to objectively highlight the sustainability of your project and the resulting benefits. It facilitates subsidy applications, there are investment advantages using the MIA/ Vamil scheme and you will be working energy-efficient, which reduces your operational costs.

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Our software

The control programs we use to operate our installations are Eaton and Citect. This software is constructed in modules, which allows you to customise it to your personal preferences. This enables us to always provide you with a tailor-made solution. You may customise the software yourself or let us help you. The software has been developed to communicate with other relevant software.