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Fighting cancer

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A while ago I was approached by Ton Kanters – most people in Schijndel know him because he runs a successful fruit and vegetable shop on the Hoofdstraat. Ton invited me to an event that initially seemed to be far outside my world: the Meierijstad Fight Cancer Night. Fighting cancer. Literally. With boxing gloves on, I would have to take on other entrepreneurs from Meierijstad, all for two charities: KiKa (fight against child cancer) and Fight Cancer (a foundation that raises funds for KWF Kankerbestrijding).

“No way am I doing that”, was my first reaction. Fair is fair: I’m not very athletic and I would just as happily have a beer with those other entrepreneurs. But he managed to convince me, and after a few days, I called Ton and asked for more information. Once I got it, I only got more excited! When Ton asked me again whether I was going to participate, I immediately and wholeheartedly answered ‘YES’.”

Meierijstad Fight Cancer Night

The great thing about the Meierijstad Fight Cancer Night is that it combines different goals. Of course, we raise money for important work. Not everyone is up for actively fight cancer. If I can do my bit as an entrepreneur, that is of course the least I can do! In addition, this event puts Meierijstad on the map and brings entrepreneurs from Meierijstad into contact with each other. And oh yeah… we have to practice, of course. We do this regularly: train together with the boxing gloves on. So secretly we’re all getting a lot fitter and healthier. And miraculously, I seem to like it too!

During the Meierijstad Fight Cancer Night I will compete as ‘Marc Triple XL Voets’ against Jos Alma, aka ‘The Beast Of The Besselaar’. He had better come prepared! For everyone who wants to come and encourage me: the Meierijstad Fight Cancer Night will take place on Saturday 18 August from 20.00 at ‘t Weike in Boerdonk. You are more than welcome!

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Meierijstad Fight Cancer Night
Voets & Donkers - Meierijstad Fight Cancer Night
Voets & Donkers - Meierijstad Fight Cancer Night
Voets & Donkers - Meierijstad Fight Cancer Night
Voets & Donkers