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From engineering and production to installation and maintenance

We offer a total project

At Voets & Donkers we offer you a total project. From engineering to production, installation, software development, service and maintenance: we are happy to take care of it for you. Based on your wishes and in close consultation with you, we will come up with a technical solution, create a 3D design and take care of the realisation of that design. This has many advantages for you: you maintain a single point of contact from start to finish and you can leave the responsibility for the project to us with peace of mind. We provide a high-quality solution that exceeds your expectations.

Continuous improvement

At Voets & Donkers, we continuously optimise our business processes by limiting unnecessary costs as much as possible and also based on your wishes. No expensive techniques if you don’t need them, no unnecessarily extensive service contracts or bureaucracy, but to-the-point action on your issue. Short lines of communication and easily accessible contact and, if necessary, frequent consultation with (chain) partners are part of this strategy. This way of working leads to both better results and a reduction in costs. For you and for us.

An example of this working method is our aim to limit the assembly time at your customer’s premises as much as possible, so that we do not unnecessarily slow down your business processes. That’s why we prepare everything as much as possible in our factory, including the assembly. This way, your products arrive at your location largely ready for use and you lose as little time as possible.

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