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Heat recovery

Sustainability is very important in our society today. We ‘have to’ get rid of the gas, and we also try to limit our use of electricity as much as possible. At Voets & Donkers, our installations contribute to sustainability in three ways: we use natural refrigerants, we develop energy-efficient installations and we make heat recovery possible.

The use of natural refrigerants means that we mainly use non-chemical refrigerants, such as ammonia, CO2 and propane. In complex installations, we limit the refrigerant content required by centrally generating cold and distributing it through the installation using a secondary refrigerant. In addition, our installations are all very efficient and energy efficient.

Smart use of extracted heat

A cooling installation transports energy from one place to another: the system extracts heat from the room, thus cooling it down. In the past, this heat was channelled outside. However, we think we can use it in a smarter and more sustainable way. We use all or part of the heat extracted, together with the energy needed to drive energy transport, to heat offices and other spaces, for example. But also, if relevant, for the heating of process water systems.

By means of smart circuits it is even possible to generate heat with the cooling installation, when there is no direct cooling demand. The cooling system then functions entirely as a heat pump. This allows you to generate heat with relatively little electrical energy.

Reducing peak power consumption

At Voets & Donkers we have run a pilot with a new control technology, which can be used (if desired) to control the energy consumption of your installation. This allows us, for example, to cool considerably at one moment and then almost entirely switch off the cooling installation at another moment. This way, we can ensure that the installation achieves low energy consumption at certain times. This technique makes it possible to attenuate, or at least not amplify, the peak power consumption from the private sector (during the ‘rush hours’ in the morning and evening).

Voets & Donkers - Duurzaamheid

Techniques for sustainability


Voets & Donkers - Engineering

The design, production and delivery of a high-quality cooling installation or air treatment system starts with the concept. Our engineers combine knowledge of proven techniques with an innovative attitude.

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Own workshop

Voets & Donkers - eigen werkplaats

At Voets & Donkers, quick communication and flexibility towards our customers are paramount. Because we have our own spacious workshop, we can guarantee this flexibility for you optimally.

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Air treatment

Voets & Donkers - Luchtbehandeling

From the food industry to pharmaceuticals and the high-tech sector. Voets & Donkers has been active for decades in many sectors in which advanced air treatment installations play an important role. We advise, support and unburden you completely!

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Air distribution

Voets & Donkers - Luchtverdeling

In a carefully conditioned room, more than just the air treatment matters. Air distribution is also important. Voets & Donkers will be happy to select and design the right air ducts and air distribution for your situation.

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Cooling and freezing cells

Voets & Donkers Koel- en vriescellen

Voets & Donkers specialises in cooling and air treatment systems. But you can also come to us for the construction of your entire cold store or freezer. From a single regular cold store to advanced custom applications and large cold store complexes.

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Cooling installation

Voets & Donkers Koeltechniek - Koudetechniek

We have been active in the refrigeration technology with our family business since 1953. We are therefore firmly rooted in this industry. Over the years, our projects have grown in size, and the cooling installations have become more complex. Nowadays we supply cooling installations from large to small and from simple to very complex.

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Blogs about sustainability

Crispbread part 4

Voets & Donkers - Knackebrod & koeltechniek - Deel 4 - Header

A new project for a large fresh centre in Sweden. How do we approach that? In a number of blogs, we would like to take you into our world. In this blog: Ron Eerhart (chief technician) about the installation in Sweden, working abroad and fraternisation.

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Blue and green make red

Voets & Donkers - Bedrijfsbus - Header

They drove (and drive) our company buses with this print since the ’90s. And so we thought it was time for something new. A look that is more contemporary, but above all, a look that does more justice to our vision and business philosophy. That’s why we hired an agency that could help us with this. In consultation with us, they did have some ideas. And that’s how the ball started rolling.

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Crispbread part 3

Voets & Donkers - Knackebrod & koeltechniek - Deel 3 - Header

A new project for a large fresh centre in Sweden. How do we approach that? In a number of blogs, we would like to take you into our world. In this blog: Wilco de Laat (workshop manager) about the production of the machine room, the transport and the way everything is double-checked.

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Crispbread part 2

Voets & Donkers - Knackebrod & koeltechniek - Deel 2

A new project for a large fresh centre in Sweden. How do we approach that? In a number of blogs, we would like to take you into our world. In this blog: Derk Alkema (process engineer refrigeration technology) and Michael van der Meijden (3D draftsman) about the development, drawing and calculation work needed to realise the project.

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Crispbread part 1

Voets & Donkers - Knackebrod & koeltechniek - Deel 1

A new project for a large fresh centre in Sweden. How do we approach that? In a number of blogs, we would like to take you into our world. In this blog: Peter Donkers with an introduction to the project.

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Distribution centre Lidl

Voets & Donkers - Lidl - Header

Supermarket chain Lidl has a name to uphold when it comes to sustainable housing. The newest addition to the tribe is the Lidl distribution centre (DC) in Oosterhout, Gelderland, which is good for a BREEAM NL Outstanding certificate. Some excerpts from the piece published on, a website of RCC K&L.

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Advanced and energy efficient

Voets & Donkers - Lidl - Installatie

Based on projects already completed for Lidl, an improved modern and energy-efficient design has been made for the new distribution centre based on the natural refrigerants ammonia (NH3) and carbon dioxide (CO2).

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The SFC of Albert Heijn

Voets & Donkers - Shared Fresh Center Albert Heijn

It’s new, it’s innovative, but most of all, Albert Heijn’s new Shared Fresh Centre is big. With a floor area of almost 42,000 m2, it is one of the largest fresh food distribution centres in the Netherlands.

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Environmentally friendly

Voets & Donkers - Milieuvriendelijke koelinstallatie

For the ND Logistics project in Nieuwegein, Voets en Donkers Koeltechniek is providing the complete cooling installation to keep the building between 0 and 2 degrees Celsius.

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Energy-efficient cooling

The company Groentehof BV, supplier of ready-to-eat vegetables, expanded its production location in Helmond with two shipping areas in 2006. These are maximally insulated. Plus, an additional cooling system was installed, according to the latest state of the art.

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