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Different wishes and requirements apply to each distribution centre or warehouse in terms of temperature and (ultra-clean) air conditions. With our knowledge and experience in industrial refrigeration technology and air treatment installations, we can optimise the quality and shelf life of the stored products.

We have extensive experience in creating the perfect cooling and air conditions in DCs, cross docks and warehouses. We like help logistics service providers and manufacturers come up with ideas in this area. Whether it concerns (chilled) food, pharmaceutical products or electronics, we are at your service.

Energy consumption and sustainability are always paramount. In many cases, the heat generated during the cooling process is used as efficiently as possible to heat rooms and/or process water. This heat recovery creates a very energy-efficient and sustainable system.

Everything in-house

At Voets & Donkers we can carry out the entire process, from the 3D design to realisation, writing the control and visualisation software and service, under our own management. This allows us to provide the flexibility that projects in the logistics sector require from the parties involved. We act quickly, help you come up with ideas and offer good service.

Voets & Donkers Warehousing

Techniques for warehousing


Voets & Donkers Koeltechniek - Koudetechniek

The design, production and delivery of a high-quality cooling installation or air treatment system starts with the concept. Our engineers combine knowledge of proven techniques with an innovative attitude.

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Cooling installation

Voets & Donkers Koeltechniek - Kaasrijping

We have been active in the refrigeration technology with our family business since 1953. We are therefore firmly rooted in this industry. Over the years, our projects have grown in size, and the cooling installations have become more complex. Nowadays we supply cooling installations from large to small and from simple to very complex.

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Blogs about warehousing

Distribution centre Lidl

Voets & Donkers - Lidl - Header

Supermarket chain Lidl has a name to uphold when it comes to sustainable housing. The newest addition to the tribe is the Lidl distribution centre (DC) in Oosterhout, Gelderland, which is good for a BREEAM NL Outstanding certificate. Some excerpts from the piece published on, a website of RCC K&L.

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Advanced and energy efficient

Voets & Donkers - Lidl - Installatie

Based on projects already completed for Lidl, an improved modern and energy-efficient design has been made for the new distribution centre based on the natural refrigerants ammonia (NH3) and carbon dioxide (CO2).

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The SFC of Albert Heijn

Voets & Donkers - Shared Fresh Center Albert Heijn

It’s new, it’s innovative, but most of all, Albert Heijn‚Äôs new Shared Fresh Centre is big. With a floor area of almost 42,000 m2, it is one of the largest fresh food distribution centres in the Netherlands.

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