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From total engineering to work preparation and completion

Voets & Donkers’ strength lies in the combination of innovative power and cost-efficient production. Since we provide the development as well as production and installation, you will be doing business with a single party that bears full responsibility for the entire process. We offer a wide range of activities and techniques: from air treatment to air distribution, cooling installations and even the construction of refrigeration and freezer cells. We also offer engineering in-house, and with our own workshop, we keep the lines of communication short and efficient. This way, we offer an optimal solution to every problem.


Voets & Donkers - Engineering

The design, production and delivery of a high-quality cooling installation or air treatment system starts with the concept. Our engineers combine knowledge of proven techniques with an innovative attitude.

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Own workshop

Voets & Donkers - eigen werkplaats

At Voets & Donkers, quick communication and flexibility towards our customers are paramount. Because we have our own spacious workshop, we can guarantee this flexibility for you optimally.

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Air treatment

Voets & Donkers - Luchtbehandeling

From the food industry to pharmaceuticals and the high-tech sector. Voets & Donkers has been active for decades in many sectors in which advanced air treatment installations play an important role. We advise, support and unburden you completely!

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Air distribution

Voets & Donkers - Luchtverdeling

In a carefully conditioned room, more than just the air treatment matters. Air distribution is also important. Voets & Donkers will be happy to select and design the right air ducts and air distribution for your situation.

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Cooling and freezing cells

Voets & Donkers Koel- en vriescellen

Voets & Donkers specialises in cooling and air treatment systems. But you can also come to us for the construction of your entire cold store or freezer. From a single regular cold store to advanced custom applications and large cold store complexes.

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Cooling installation

Voets & Donkers - Koelinstallatie

We have been active in the refrigeration technology with our family business since 1953. We are therefore firmly rooted in this industry. Over the years, our projects have grown in size, and the cooling installations have become more complex. Nowadays we supply cooling installations from large to small and from simple to very complex.

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