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Air distribution

In a carefully conditioned room, more than just the air treatment matters. Air distribution is also important. Voets & Donkers will be happy to select and design the right air ducts and air distribution for your situation.

As the air handling unit is often placed on a technical ceiling, in a technical room or on the roof of your building, the conditioned air has to be transported to the room(s) that use this air. We have extensive knowledge and experience with the transport of this accurately conditioned air.

Optimal speed

When transporting the air, it is important that the speed of the air in the duct is optimal. A higher speed results in a smaller and therefore cheaper channel, but does result in pressure drop and therefore higher energy consumption. Also, noise problems can occur when the air velocity in the duct is too high. A too low speed requires a larger and therefore more expensive air duct. In addition, there is not always room for a large duct, for example when we are dealing with shafts or suspended ceilings. We are happy to provide the optimal air speed with the transport of the conditioned air.

Choice of material: Stainless steel, galvanised metal or plastic

Not only the air speed, but also the shape, the appearance and the material used are important. For example, at Voets & Donkers we use both metal (galvanised or stainless steel) and plastic air ducts. The type of room through which the dust passes is particularly important here. Square or rectangular plastic air ducts have the advantage of having a thermal insulation effect. In addition, noise production to the surrounding area is also lower. The biggest advantage of plastic as a base material is that the material is easy to clean and that fungi and bacteria do not grow on it. We are happy to advise you on the right material for your situation.

For a conditioned room, it is often important that the entire room is provided with fresh and conditioned air. By positioning the inlet and suction openings in the right way in relation to each other, we ensure that the air conditions are the same throughout the room. In doing so, we ensure that, for example, draught situations are prevented. For a uniform air distribution, air distribution hoses are also regularly used. Of course, we provide a custom design for every situation.

Complete approach

With Voets & Donkers you have a partner with knowledge and experience in the entire process of air treatment (temperature and generation of cold, humidity and filtration) and the distribution of this conditioned air. We offer you a complete approach for every situation in which carefully created air conditions are important.

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Cheese maturation

Voets & Donkers Koeltechniek - Kaasrijping

As a cheese producer, you know better than anyone that there are countless types of cheese and that each cheese has its own properties. The air conditions in your warehouse play a major role in this; after all, they determine to a large extent how your cheese matures and (therefore) tastes. Voets & Donkers is a specialist in creating exactly those conditions that optimise cheese maturation and give your cheese its own characteristic and perfect taste.

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Food products

Voets & Donkers - Voedingsmiddelen

As a producer or processor of food, you know that hygiene is essential. The air quality must be optimal so that no contamination enters the packaging or the product during processing or packing. At Voets & Donkers, we specialise in creating an ultra-clean air quality for the production, processing and storage of food products.

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Voets & Donkers - Duurzaamheid

Sustainability is very important in our society today. We ‘have to’ get rid of the gas, and we also try to limit our use of electricity as much as possible. At Voets & Donkers, our installations contribute to sustainability in three ways: we use natural refrigerants, we develop energy-efficient installations and we make heat recovery possible.

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