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In many sectors, such as the food industry, pharmaceuticals and the high-tech sector, it is very important that the air meets exactly the right conditions. After all, the quality and shelf life of products is largely determined by things like humidity, temperature and filtering of (dirt) particles. Voets & Donkers has been active for decades in this and many other sectors in which advanced air treatment installations play an important role. We advise, support and unburden you completely!

Temperature, humidity and filtration

With our cleverly designed air treatment systems, we keep temperature, humidity and the ultra-hygienic conditions in a room constant at the right level. We realise the cooling and heating of the air flow as efficiently as possible. Moreover, this process is linked to the dehumidification process. To dehumidify, the air is first cooled down so that it can retain less moisture. The air is then reheated, so that there are no temperature problems in the (often cooled) room. When heating the cooled air, the heat generated in the cooling installation is used as much as possible. This way, the knife cuts both ways and we reuse energy in a sustainable way.

In addition to exactly the right temperature and humidity, we also create (ultra-)hygienic conditions by carefully filtering the air. We will gladly advise you on the right type and class of filters that will give an optimal result in your situation. The air conditions in the room are constantly monitored, so you can be sure that the air in the room remains at the same high level at all times.

High efficiency system

Voets & Donkers has developed its own HE air treatment system (high efficiency system). This involves a lot of heat recovery, which consumes about 40% less energy than conventional air handling units with the same quality and capacity.

Plastic: sturdy, light and easy to clean

At Voets & Donkers, we make extensive use of plastic in the production of air handling units and distribution systems. This is sturdy, relatively light, but above all, easy to clean. In addition, it does not provide a good breeding ground for the growth of fungi and bacteria. This enables us to guarantee the ultra-hygienic conditions in, for example, cleanrooms and high-care environments.

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Cheese maturation

Voets & Donkers Koeltechniek - Kaasrijping

As a cheese producer, you know better than anyone that there are countless types of cheese and that each cheese has its own properties. The air conditions in your warehouse play a major role in this; after all, they determine to a large extent how your cheese matures and (therefore) tastes. Voets & Donkers is a specialist in creating exactly those conditions that optimise cheese maturation and give your cheese its own characteristic and perfect taste.

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Food products

Voets & Donkers - Voedingsmiddelen

As a producer or processor of food, you know that hygiene is essential. The air quality must be optimal so that no contamination enters the packaging or the product during processing or packing. At Voets & Donkers, we specialise in creating an ultra-clean air quality for the production, processing and storage of food products.

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Voets & Donkers - Duurzaamheid

Sustainability is very important in our society today. We ‘have to’ get rid of the gas, and we also try to limit our use of electricity as much as possible. At Voets & Donkers, our installations contribute to sustainability in three ways: we use natural refrigerants, we develop energy-efficient installations and we make heat recovery possible.

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