The growth of ‘our’ Luc

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The growth of ‘our’ Luc

And why you should really come work at Voets & Donkers

I already knew him when he was a little boy and befriended my son. I saw him grow up, and leave primary school via VMBO to go to the Koning Willem I College in Den Bosch. He didn’t really know what he wanted, but at least it had to be something with his hands. Something with engineering. Something with installation or electronics. That’s how he ended up in the Installation Engineering programme. And how about an internship with us?

Luc van de Loo, because that’s the name of this boy, is now 21 and has been working for Voets & Donkers for over 3 years. And with great pleasure. I talk to him about it regularly and then he’s always enthusiastic. After two years of installation technology, he came to the conclusion that he found cooling technology more interesting. Because it was more versatile, or as he himself says: “There’s more to it than that, because it’s a combination of installation and electrical engineering, and I find that interesting”. Besides, Luc isn’t done learning yet. After completing his training as a Technician at level 2, he is now doing the evening training as a Service Technician at level 3. Two nights a week he’s at school while working for us during the day.

As far as I know, Luc likes his work. He says he enjoys working with his colleagues, and he likes that we give him the space see what he likes and what position suits him best. We, in turn, are very happy with guys like Luc. Because good people are worth their weight in gold. At Voets & Donkers, we can’t do anything alone. Our team spirit is enormous and we can only bring our projects to a successful conclusion if a team of people with different areas of expertise work closely together. Mechanical engineering, thermodynamics, electrical engineering, installation technology, control technology… This multidisciplinary approach makes our projects more interesting than most installation projects. More advanced, more complex, ‘higher installation technology’, so to speak.

In any case, Luc still sees plenty of opportunities and possibilities. In order to be able to work independently as a service technician on all our systems, he will need additional training in electrical engineering and natural refrigerants after his current training. In the meantime, he’s already adding something here every day within our team every day. I love to see Luc grow like this. And he’s not the only one inside Voets & Donkers. That’s why we deliberately pay a lot of attention to this. By providing people with good guidance and internal training, but also by ensuring that they can continue to develop within their job and our company.

We are proud and happy with Luc! After all, what could be nicer than to be able to keep a close eye on his growth? From that little boy who used to come to our house, to the accomplished service technician that Luc will soon be. I think it’s great.

Marc Voets

Voets & Donkers - De groei van onze Luc
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